Pilanesberg Game Breeders
2015 Annual Auction

We take great pride in announcing the successes of our second annual auction presented by Pilanesberg Game Breeders at Molokwane, Rustenburg on 2 May 2015 and thank all buyers and interested parties for attending. We value the buyers’ trust in our genetics and humbly share with you the records we achieved at this auction, on our web site.

Most of our beautiful animals sold for top prices and we believe we lived up to the expectations of most breeders. Apart from being the first to put an exclusive hunting package on offer, we also raised a significant amount for our social responsibility projects.

We believe we can unite the hunting and breeding industries as they feed into each other. We therefore encourage fellow breeders to invest in their surrounding areas and explore the possibilities of engaging with previously disadvantaged groups in utilising their land for game breeding, thereby promoting the sustainability of our own country and people. This will also transform often non-productive open land to productive land, contributing to economic growth.

Attracting more than 2 000 people, the May 2015 auction fetched new record prices for animals of exceptional high genetic quality and proved once again that breeders are willing to invest maximally to secure good genetic lines for future game breeding. Among the many highlights of the auction which featured 111 lots of approximately 333 animals of widely ranged game species, Pilanesberg Game Breeders achieved outstanding results in the general turnover of about R140 million and set 19 new records.

Buyers and sellers alike were pleased with the vigorous interest in the auction and the superior bloodlines and high quality genetics available.  Once again, Pilansberg Game Breeders made a valuable contribution to the game industry, supported by high ethical standards and attention to the finest detail.

As Pilanesberg Game Breeders we invite the hunting industry to take hands and work towards a united industry where there is room for all to profit. We wish our fellow breeders success in their upcoming auctions and ensure them of our continued support.

Greetings to the wildlife industry.
Pilanesberg Game Breeders

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