Brief overview of
Pilanesberg Game Breeders

Game breeding characteristically is a family business involving not only the breeder, but his family members, and many youngsters naturally follow in the footsteps of their parents. Invariably the wives behind the men provide the support necessary in keeping them on their toes in this highly competitive business.

The Pilanesberg Game Breeders are united by the shared vision and mission of the current seven members, grounded in the strong foundation of knowledge, experience and respect for each other and the industry.

Game is not our only “game”, and we regard ploughing back into this fast growing industry, taking the time and making the effort of getting involved in its development and sustainability, as crucial for our future; and this is what sets us apart from most breeders’ associations. We believe in offering our clients more than game and as such stand united in upholding ethical practices in game breeding, developing our industry and committing to our communities.

Pilanesberg Game Breeders

Aligned with our belief in this fast growing industry, is our mission to plough back through getting involved in its development and sustainability. We are therefore committed to offering our clients more than game. Pilanesberg Game Breeders stand united in abiding by the rules and honouring decisions taken by our regulating body, Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA). We will uphold warranties and guarantees in respect of the sale of any of our animals, both on auction and through private sales.

Our mission also encompasses taking part in selective initiatives to create, support and distribute opportunities for our youth and our own community as well as previously disadvantaged people.

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