Pilanesberg Game Breeders

Wildlife has become an economic commodity and selective breeding holds the potential of high returns on investment. But managing stud herds scientifically not only requires suitableĀ  land, insfrastructure, experienced personnel, reliable service providers and feeding expertise. Essential to the process are well established game breeding practices to ensure the improvement and establishment of high quality and pure gene pools and bloodlines. Acquiring only the best possible genetic material in breeding bulls for addition to herds, is of the utmost importance.

Genetics is defined as the study and variation of inherited characteristics, and as applied in the game industry in South Africa, this has become a specialised and lucrative business. It is common knowledge that the game industry performs better than the stock market, while at the same time conservation and biodiversity are supported by increasing the number of wild animals and protecting them. While adding value to the wildlife industry, genetics as a field of expertise is used by Pilanesberg Game Breeders according to high ethics with the combined vision to produce the best possible animals.

This encompasses scientifically formulated feeding, precise record keeping and extensive experience in game breeding to ensure disease-free animals of different bloodlines, and adding significantly to the breeders’ investment in developing the best available gene pools.

While controversy rages and there are still divergent opinions regarding the breeding of colour variant game, the increase in demand is not in dispute, as proven by the dramatic increase in prices fetched in recent auctions.

Purists hold personal viewpoints which will not even allow keeping an indigenous Eastern Cape bontebok in Limpopo, but a recent study by the Biodiversity Institute has determined that colour variance is gaining in popularity. It is proven to actually be a natural occurrence which does not weaken the gene pool. With much of the genetic material having been shot out for trophies over the past 200 years, game ranchers are recreating that genetic material by putting together two animals with good genes in a safe place to breed under excellent breeding conditions, with an inifnitely better chance of survival.

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